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Application Performance Monitoring

and Software Intelligence Solutions

AI Powered. Integrated.  Automatic.


  • Software industry experts with decades of experience and resolution for the best digital solutions.
  • Cut through the noise, get a single point of truth for all applications, infrastructure and root cause.
  • Simplify and streamline your IT tools.
  • Identify trends and help develop better customer experiences through your applications faster.
  • Eliminate war room scenarios and focus on what you do best, help your customers and drive revenue for your bottom line.
  • Streamline, simplify and automate APM tool implementation with the best product offering and services.
Our Story

AIMSoft Solutions is a Minority Owned Software Solutions company integrating some of the most advanced AI Software Monitoring and Cloud Based platforms on the market.

Our Vision

To implement and integrate intelligent platform monitoring solutions for our retail, financial, transportation and government clients. 


Application Performance Management, Infrastructure Monitoring, Autonomous NoOps Cloud Solutions, Microservices & Containers, Digital Services Management, IoT Management, Digital Business Analytics.

Who are we
Our Solutions

AI Powered Solutions


Autonomous Cloud

The Autonomous Cloud is the transformation of IT from manual operations to autonomous, NoOps cloud operations. This brings AI and advanced automation for DevOps practices and cloud native environments to achieve continuous software delivery pipelines and automated operations

Microservices &


With automatic instrumentation for dynamic microservices, high fidelity data in context throughout every transaction for greater precision, and unique hybrid support to view the entire enterprise cloud and all dependencies in real time with no blind-spots.

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 3.36.59 PM.png

Red Hat OpenShift Monitoring

A truly automated approach to monitoring Red Hat OpenShift.  The dynamic nature of OpenShift containers and microservices render traditional monitoring tools obsolete. The old way of manually installing different agent types, or collecting and correlating metrics, is simply ineffective.

Google Kubernates Cluster and Workload Monitoring

Kubernetes is the standard platform for running and managing containerized workloads in distributed environments. There are many container runtimes available now—Docker, CRI-O, containerd, as well as layers running atop of K8's, like Lstio and Linkerd service mesh. Dynatrace auto-discovers them all and gives you full observability without changing any code.

According to a recent Global Study of over 800 CIO's...

CIOs are turning to AI to bridge the gap between constrained IT resources and cloud complexity.

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